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Detail for students of SMTJB batch 1994/95

Welcome to the information centre of this website. This page contains information about all the students that has submitted their detail. I hope with all the information given, we all can be easily contacted if they is such an event that we want to do it together such as gathering. If before this you don't have any Yahoo ID or ICQ number but now you have got it, you can mail to me as i will update it here. For those who haven't, get it at Yahoo! or ICQ page. Please just click at the desired class to which you want to view the detail of the class.

5 A 1
5 A 2
5 E 1
5 E 2
5 J 1
5 J 2
5 K 1
5 K 2
5 P

Latest news on TeknikJB Millenium Gathering

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