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If you think you are SMTJB students and especially to those from batch taking SPM on 95 ( SPM 95 ), feel free to fill up this form so that I can include it into the list of students. By doing this, other friends will be able to contact each one of us. All the information you gave will not be release to the public, the page will be password protected and the password will only be given to those who registered. To joint Teknik95 mailing list, please submit your email on the form at bottom of this page.


Nama :
Email :
Yahoo ID :
ICQ # :
Course :

Batch ( year ) :
Kelas :
IRC nick :
Channel # : 
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No telefon :
Address :
Homepage :
Additional Info :
To prove that you are from SMTJB, tell who lead the disciplinary board in SMTJB ( the teacher ) ?


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